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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas is coming...Yikes!!

As I sit here writing this blog I wonder how it can only be five more days until Christmas. Have I finished my Christmas shopping? No! Have I put up the decorations? No! Have I even been able to clean the house? Heck no!! Where is my army of elves to help? I don’t know about anyone else but the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to shrink each year and each year I am becoming more and more disorganized.
Every year I swear that next year will be different – that I will put my decorations up early. That all my shopping and wrapping will be done well before Christmas Eve but it never seems to happen. I am beginning to think that I am totally dysfunctional.  Granted, I have a full time job which has me leaving the house at 7:15 and getting home at 5:15 and I make it a priority to go to my kickboxing classes three times a week. Then there is church choir practice on Wednesday nights for a couple of hours (longer now we are practicing for the Christmas Eve service). And somewhere in there I have to do food shopping, have date night with my husband, go to church on Sunday, take my kids to college/work and quite frankly, any time I do have I am overwhelmed and exhausted. Can any of you relate or is it just me?
I know some of you who know me are going to say “Well you have two grown kids living at home. Why are they not helping you?” Honestly, they are hardly ever home and they do help out occasionally especially my daughter. But it is not consistent. I know it is my fault for not being more demanding of my kids. And hubby…well he is sometimes busier than I am.
Having said all that, somehow I always manage to squeak by and get it all done even if it is the eleventh hour.  So I am sitting back today and my mantra is “I WILL get it done and it will all be OK”. No more stressing out…what gets done gets done and what doesn’t …well that’s too bad.  We all get wrapped up in the commercial side of the Holiday season and forget what Christmas is all about.  Jesus is the reason for the season and I look forward to spending quality time with my family and friends and counting all the things I have to be thankful for.
May you all have a very blessed, stress free holiday season and here’s to a much more organized 2012!!